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More than a
Peanut Butter


N o trip to a sunny tropical island seaside is complete without a fresh coconut. In the 19th century, adventurous European and Chinese planters were encouraged to venture into remote places of Singapore to set up plantations and the coastal areas were particularly suitable for the coconut palm. The popularity of coconut grew and Singapore’s love for it is shown in its extensive use as a refreshing beverage and in its local cuisine.

Our unsweetened Peaconut Butter celebrates the happy combination of creamy roasted peanuts with rich aromatic coconut to give you a taste of our tropical island that you will always want to come back to.

Peaconut Butter is vegan, free-from gluten, trans-fat, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial additives, and uses only pure and natural ingredients.

Tasting notes : Smooth peanut butter with a fine coconut bite.

Contains : Peanut, coconut and sea salt.

Available in 210g jar.

(Peaconut Butter is a registered trademark of Straits Preserves Pte Ltd.)


Classic Peaconut Butter
with a little extra something.

Gula Melaka

A new kind of crunchy.

Gula Melaka (an unrefined organic coconut sugar) is made by extracting the sap from the budding flower of a coconut. It has a lower glycemic index, tastes less sweet than regular cane sugar and adds a wonderful deep flavour to desserts and bakes.

Our Peaconut Butter with Gula Melaka contains its natural sweetness to give an extra tropical element.

Tasting notes : Textured peanut butter with a complex blend of deep mellow caramel sweetness and a fine coconut bite.

Contains : Peanut, organic coconut sugar, coconut and sea salt.

Available in 210g jar.

P eanuts are a naturally sustainable crop that demands very little water, has nitrogen-fixing properties and when planted in rotation with other crops, reduces soil erosion.

Coconut and coconut sugar are likewise produced in a sustainable, eco-friendly way as trees are maintained for their sap instead of being cut down. They do not require pesticides or herbicides and are harvested by hand thus causing minimal environmental impact.